A Call to Action – Revolutionary speech by Eric Worre

Recently had a chance to watch a very powerful presentation by Les Brown and Eric Worry and in one of the speeches, Eric mentioned his famous speech to call to action. It was so powerful that I decided to find it on youtube and share it also in my blog, so you and myself could come back and remind those basic factors.

In 1993, over 14,000 Network Marketing, distributors gathered together to learn how to become more successful. The keynote speaker at that event was Eric Worre.

Today, our profession is more relevant than ever in this new economy. When everyone is looking for answers, we teach it. Where there seems to be no hope, we encourage it. Network Marketing is not perfect, it’s just better. The business model is the best way to make those who are willing to succeed, to do so. Given the vehicle, skills, and tools, the possibilities are only limited by drive and dedication.

Listen to this revolutionary speech

If you are already in this outstanding profession, let this be motivation to press forward and enjoy the ride. For those looking for a vehicle and home, consider to join our team and our passion to make everyone around us, better.

“We see across the dangers of the great future and we rejoice as a giant refreshed. The great victories are yet to be won. The greatest deeds are yet to be done.” – Theodore Roosevelt

What if there was another option than working 40 hours a week for 40 years? Would you be interested?

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