5 Tips To Grow #43

It’s a Sunday again and it’s time to look back on what happened in previous weeks. This time I have a special invite for you, an interview, and several great lessons to share.

So, 5TipsToGrow is a list of things I experienced or learned in the previous week. There is always some part of things I do, write, or have built, a good book, podcast, and useful resources to check out and learn. It helps me as a reminder to get back to those useful resources and may help also for you to learn something new and maybe save it also on your list.

What I’m doing:

In these challenging times when negativity grows with the speed of light is so crucial to spread positive thoughts and ideas. So, I created a new Facebook group for everyone who is thriving for Better Way To Live, who is willing to share some positive words, encouragement, and motivation. I will share words of wisdom, sayings from one of my favorite authors Og Mandino also will do some Better Way challenges. Simple, let’s make this world a better place.

So, I would like to invite you into our special community. Join our group here: “A Better Way To Live”

The past three episodes of 5 Tips To Grow: 4241, and 40

What I’m watching:

Online series of conversations and investigations between health practitioners, leading industry experts, and nutritional specialists.

This time panel moderator Dr. Colin Robertson teamed up with Thomas Gundersen, CEO of VITAS, and discussed how current research and developments within the health and wellness space are put into practice on a daily basis.

My Favorite podcast:

I can’t help myself but share this podcast again I’m into it for already a couple of months. Dean Graziosi and his Millionaire Success Habit Podcast. So, much practical advice that Dean and his guests have experienced.

In particular, this one episode is evergreen to listen to over and over again – Protect Your Confidence | Practical Steps To Becoming More Confident – Dean Graziosi

Worth discover/reading/watching:

What I’m thinking about:

“I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom.”— Bob Dylan

Have a very successful week!

5 tips to grow

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