There is a Better Way “The Teachers Life”- The story of Pete and Sue Pena

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

Today let’s continue our Better Way series and it is time to share this inspirational video published by Eric Worre (Network Marketing Pro). This time, let get inspired by couple of teachers Pete and Sue Pena (

The story of Pete and Sue Pena to become Network Marketing Professionals.

Most Of the teachers are living their lives from paycheck to paycheck. They are living good but they need to increase their revenues day by day. The main two stars of our today’s story were also teachers. They were living good but they need to increase their income so they decided to go to network marketing. Pete was the child of poor worker, they travel city to city to earn money from crops. He had 9 siblings. He did not go after the family business instead he started playing baseball.

Pete tried network marketing two times before, but he did not succeed. He had now interest and devotion to this work. So he got to that teaching profession. In 2007, they were familiarized to Beachbody. They knew this was the right opportunity because, within a few months, they had far exceeded their original goals and expectations when after 4 months in the business, their Beachbody income exceeded their pay which they earned from teaching. They both knew that this was the profession they need to follow, and at an end of the school year, they both requested for retirements.

They have been leaders in the Network Marketing Profession for over 7 years in which Pete has enjoyed many accolades but none higher as being the first ever Top Coach, an Elite member, and Super Star Diamond Coach. They were the first couple team in Beachbody to both reach the million dollar mark independently.

This has put them in the position to be debt free and well prepared for the rest of their lives. They have the freedom of both time and finance to do the things which they enjoy a lot.

As their team grew, the Ultimate Fitness Team was created to provide a platform with an environment to help everyone in the organization. Many on their team have become 6 and 7 figure earners. They have a simple approach. It is to give the brand new person a positive experience through high tech-high touch principles and proven activities which achieve positive results.
As top producers, they continue to work on their business, finding and mentoring entrepreneurs from novice to the most experienced. Their Vision is to help people worldwide reach their physical and financial dreams.

There must be a better way!


What if there was another option than working 40 hours a week for 40 years? Would you be interested?

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