Author: Gundars Minalgo

5 Tips To Grow #42 – Habits

We are halfway there... It's already July! It is time to get back on track and accelerate towards the end of the year. One of the things that helped me last year to be more motivated and learn more was my weekly 5TipsToGrow. This year I somehow left that out …

Best habits for success and health

Every action, every situation in our life is a result of the habits we have developed during our time. If we want to improve something in our life we should think about habits and review our daily routines. We are creatures of habit. Those very same habits either help us …

How to create a mission statement

Every successful company, a successful leader has their own mission statement. It is not just nice words on paper or banner, it helps them prioritize their daily activities, focus on the right things, and get back on track if something goes wrong. Do you have one for yourself?