How to shape the outcome of your life.

There are all kinds of theories about how to shape your life to get the most happiness, to get wealthy, to get the most peace of mind,  the most whatever it is you hope to achieve in your life. And then there is a reality.

Every day you wake up and face the world full of different choices, risks, surprises, a noise of world news that is almost negative all the time. It is so hard to stay on your own track and survive between the good and the bad and the ugly around us. Nowadays with the help of social media, we absolve a lot of fakes, it is so easy to fall in the trap of comparing with others and lose our own self beliefe. But, belief in ourselves is the most important thing to reshape your own life. Your beliefs shape the outcome of your life.

One of the most common things is non-supportive beliefs around money. This was also one of my struggles for long years. I was always afraid that there will be the day I will run out of money. All these worries, fights and fears were so frustrating. From one point of view, I understood that in order to get more in life I have to give more, but than that other me stepped in with fears and limiting beliefs.

One day I received this book by T.Harv Ecker – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and started to read also his blog and newsletter. Step by step it helped me understand that a belief is only a belief and it’s not a law or rule or something I have to follow. I have the free will to change my beliefs whenever I choose to. It was very interesting to learn more about fear-based beliefs and millionaire mind beliefs.

When I started to noticed my fear-based beliefs and think more towards millionaire mind beliefs things started to roll more my way. Now I have experienced that great feeling when you give something away it comes back, even more, the feeling that you are able to help many more people than before.

Read through this infographic from T.Harv Ecker’s blog that has changed some of my beliefs and see if you can identify with any of these fear-based beliefs that may be holding you back from creating a successful life. And if choose to change some of them with millionaire mind beliefs you will feel the difference.

Now when you are ready to reprogram your beliefs, especially “It requires a lot of money to start a business” or “making money means you’re taking money from others” and replace those with the idea that with “Starting my own business will allow me to have no limits on my income” and in that way “I can do more for others when I’m rich  than when I’m broke”, what’s next?

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If you have a story of how you overcame some of your limiting beliefs please share in a comment or email me.

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