Interview with Susan Sly – “All Things Are Possible”

In today’s interview, we will visit again most trusted resource for Network Marketing training and support – Eric Worre and one of his Million Dollar interview with Network Marketing superstar Susan Sly.

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Susan Sly – All Things Are Possible

In this Million Dollar Interview, Eric interviews Susan Sly. Susan is an athlete, a mom, an author, an entrepreneur and is the do it all woman. At her peak, Susan has racked in an overwhelming 2 million dollars a year in commissions!

Raised by a single dad, Susan was taught the entrepreneurial spirit. She grew up with the sense that there was more out there than an average 9-5 job. She opened her own health club at the age of 24, grew her sales skills and found Network Marketing when her health began to decline.

Susan began her new career 16 years ago. She went into the profession with a worker’s mentality. Having a holistic backyard, she knew how to sell products, but it wasn’t enough. Susan had many struggles in her Network Marketing career, whether that was losing a startup company or falling out of love with a product. Susan shares that she learned lessons of discipline, apathy, rejection, and dealing with methods of operation. Persistence is one of the best lessons that she has learned.

Susan was at an extremely hopeless state of mind after losing her career to a startup company that the FDA suddenly shut down. While suffering with depression and the desire to commit suicide, she gave Network Marketing another try. She shares that there are some extremely important fundamentals that make a great company. It’s very important to have a legitimate product and good leadership. She knew that when she found these two things that she would be successful.

Susan had to treat her new career like a business. She set up an office, set aside specific hours in the day and she found her reason that kept her motivated. Her first check was $7 but she was happy, determined and loved a challenge. In her first year, Susan made $50,000. She asked her husband how much would it take to get you to quit your job and come home. He replied $250,000 a year. She conquered that and then some.

In four years, Susan was earning $680,00 a year and was constantly proving to her husband that Network Marketing was a better way. She had to develop a tough skin, but this suited her. Susan shares that some years her income flat lined and she had to work even harder. During the recession, she stressed to her team that everyone would need to work 30% harder and those that did actually made 30% more on the other side. Being a leader and knowing that struggles are real has helped her keep going even when it got hard.

In conclusion, Susan shares that one of the secrets to her success is organization. Surround yourself with people who are highly organized if you don’t have this skill. Don’t expect 7 figure results without good habits. Your skills and attitude have to match the type of results that you want. She shares that having gratitude and appreciation for the tough times has gotten her to where she is today.

Hope you find this interview inspiring and it encourages you for bigger results and motivates to fight any obstacles. If you are involved in Network Marketing please share in a comment your number one advice for those who are just started.

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