8 principles to build successful business

As soon as you step into an entrepreneur’s world we want to be successful, or we strive to know how to be successful in business. There are a lot of new principles you have to learn and adopt. First of all, it is all about you and your best qualities, you and your weaknesses, you and your ability to deal with uncertainty, ability to survive in the world of change, and so on. There are several principles I learned during my journey great leaders and entrepreneurs master to build big organizations and even bigger cultures in them.


Recognition has always been an important factor to boost your results. It is related both to your own results and to the performance of your team. When it comes to your own results and performance the best thing you can do for yourself is as early as possible to define what are those things that turn you on or what is the best way you feel recognized. Do you want some physical reward or you feel at the top when others recognize you or you prefer to celebrate simply and quietly? As soon as you define what is the best recognition for yourself you will have a system to motivate yourself.

When it comes to your team then one thing is certainly common – you have to know what is that your team likes the best. Depends on how big is your team but I found early on that you have to define your core team and get to know them best as you can. Remember people are different and also they feel recognized differently. IN the blog 5 love languages author describes 4 ways how people feel and want to be loved.

Product or Service

Be the product of the product was the best advice I got when started my business. No matter what kind of business you are in – be the first and the best customer of your product or your service. If you do affiliate marketing or you are in direct sales or you do dropshipping be sure you have your own experience with the product. Stories sell. As quicker you have your own story with your product as sooner your confidence will grow and also your results.

Customers First

It kind of obvious – when there are no customers there is no business. But there is also an additional part of the story, your customer is your biggest asset. So I learned during some time if you treat your customer well enough or best to say if your business has a “Customer First” culture your customers can give back and do some more sales, refer to their friends, or maybe even partner with you.

Personal and Professional Development

When you step into the entrepreneur world there is one lesson you learn quickly and it is –  Be your own number 1 project. In the beginning, you do not know anything, everything is new. O, you may know some principles how to build a team, how to do proper planning, maybe some sales technics, but even so now it is the time to scale in all of the areas. I followed the path of my mentors and went for at least 10 pages of good book personal development related a day. You never know what sentence of which book can turn your ideas around and skyrocket your business. I still do my morning routines SAVERS way (read more here) and it helps.
One thing is personal development another professional one – and yes there is still an actual 10000-hour rule. Learn and put into practice what you have learned.

Master Conflict resolution

No matter how big is your team there will always be situations that can rise challenges. In my post —— I described some of technics how to deal with conflict situations. Be prepared every great leader has mastered this skill and will teach their leaders to do the same.

Focus on Simplicity

If you cannot draw your idea on a one-page paper it is not simply enough and probably you do not know it also well enough. This is so powerful I always wanted to find a way to describe it simple enough. And it relates to ideas as well as it relates to all tasks you are delegating to your team.

Lead by Example

You can read a lot about this principle but when you experience that it is the biggest lesson you can learn and feel. In fact, a lot of leaders and entrepreneurs go through this, there is a fast start and that we tend to go back to the management mode we learned in school or in a corporate job, but then it stuck. And guess what it is back on track when you show the way.

Your team is watching you, if there is an event in your company – be the one to promote that and be there, if there is an award for achieving some milestones be the one and show how to reach that if there is an opportunity to speak on stage be the one who speaks etc

I’ve experienced it a number of times, you can make a parallel with parenting – your child is watching you and learn from you, same do your team.

Everything starts with your vision

When you can show where you go and it is simple enough that the same applies to your vision. There are people that will be attracted by your product or your service, there are people that will be attracted by yourself but only if they will see your vision, where you are going. There were a number of times I started something and it was not clear enough for me and guess what it fades out. If the idea was not enough clear for me of course it was not for people I collaborated with.

All those experiments are good to have, but at the end of the day, it is more important to find clarity. If you do not have it high bright yet, maybe your company you are affiliate with has and you can borrow that. Maybe there is a place for a brainstorming session and following activities to get clarity in your vision?

I mentioned before I had a number of tries to get clear on my vision. I got inspired by the vision of a company I partnered with and extended to suit me the best. So, today I’m on a mission to help 1000 people find and follow their own path in life. It all includes some dose of motivation, some challenges, some imperfect actions, a lot of learning and experimenting.

If you are one who is looking for new a change in life and would be interested in what is it that we do, I would like to invite you to the free webinar. Just click here and follow the instructions.

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