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Zinzino Balance Oil is sold through direct selling, the only way to buy the products is through Zinzino’s Webshop. This is done through an independent partner or a personal recommendation from an existing customer. So it happens that I was introduced to Zinzino and become a customer and also an independent partner for more than a year ago. I’m so grateful for results I got, so I decided to recommend Zinzino products also for you.

(If you were referred by another Zinzino Partner or customer, please signup from their site.

In 3 Simple Steps, Almost Anyone Can Get Into Balance In 120 Days And Follow Their Progress.

Step 1: Become a customer and buy the BalanceOil with the 2 tests or the package with the Zinzino Xtend included.

Step 2: Take the first test and start taking the BalanceOil daily.

Step 3: After 120 days take test number 2 and see the results.

Customer plans

There are 2 types of customers: Retail customer and Premier customer.

Retail customers buy the products at the retail price and this is mostly for those who just want to try out the products or don’t want to subscribe and save money.

The Premier customer comes with a 6-month subscription, a huge discount and has a customer loyalty program, where you can get your products for free, this is known as “Zinzino4Free”.

Premier Customer Program

Huge Discount

You can choose to become a Premier customer and get a huge discount.

The Premier Customer kits include a 6-month subscription.

This is done by choosing one of the Start Kits in Zinzino’s Webshop.


With Zinzino4Free you have the opportunity to get your products for free, by referring a minimum of 4 other customers that buy for the same amount or more than you.

You then only pay for the shipping and by downloading the Balance app you can also get the shipping for free when you have reached the right level in the app.

A lot of Zinzino’s customers have free products each month, because they love the products and they work, so it’s easier to recommend to others.

As a customer, you get your own Zinzino website, where you can refer your potential customers to.

Why Subscription?

I don’t know about you, but most of the people I know of, buy a supplement in the store and forget to take it daily after a while.

By having a subscription package, your products come’s automatically and this can actually help you to take the products daily and if it’s the balance oil, helps you to get in balance since you don’t have to remember to reorder.

The BalanceOil also have an app you can download to remind you of taking it on a daily basis.

Visit Zinzino’s Webshop

(choose your country and langue in the upper left corner)

Most people choose the Premier customer program

When visiting Zinzino’s Webshop, choose your langue and currency to see the prices in your country.

My favorite package is the: BalanceOilXtend – start kit 2 ( Includes 2 balance test’s and a monthly order of 1 Balance Oil and 1 BalanceXtend supplement)

Zinzino BalanceOilXtend Click the image above to see the BalanceOilXtend Offer
(choose your country and langue in the upper left corner)

Orders that include the Balance Test will ship the first test in your initial order and the second test will be shipped approximately 120 days later.

To keep the cost down, you pay monthly, but will receive your products every second month and the shipping is split into the monthly payments.

So Let’s Take An Example:

The 1st month you buy you start kit, and you receive products for two months.

The 2nd month you start to pay for the 3rd month.

On the 3rd month, you pay again and receive your second package for the next two months and so on.

You can choose to buy a Premier start kit with a monthly subscription and save up to 50%.

BalanceOil XTEND – start kit 2 (Example)

Kit Content

  • (Choose one of the Start Order Oil Flavors you want in your subscription order, below.)
    • BalanceOil Vegan (Please notice that the start order with BalanceOil cost a bit more than the regular BalanceOil.)
    • BalanceOil Lemon, 1 pcs
    • BalanceOil Vanilla, 1 pcs
    • BalanceOil Orange/Lemon/Mint, 1 pcs
    • BalanceOil AquaX ( Please notice that the start order with BalanceOil AquaX cost a bit more than the regular BalanceOil.)
  • 1 Xtend, 120 pcs.
  • 2 BalanceOil Orange/Lemon/Mint, 100 ml
  • 1 Balance Test, 1 pcs
    (The 2nd Balance Test will be delivered automatically after 120 days)

6 Months Subscription: BalanceOil x 1 + Xtend x 1 (per month)

Visit The Webshop To See If Zinzino Is Selling In Your Country, So Far We Are Present In 34 Countries.

Visit Zinzino’s Webshop

(choose your country and langue in the upper left corner)

To Create a Customer account:

  1. Choose your country and language
  2. Go to the shop and choose products
  3. Follow the instructions to edit your kit
  4. Go to checkout
  5. Click on create account and fill in your personal information
  6. Click on save and checkout

If You need any help, feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.

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