5 Tips To Grow #18

Here are my “5 Tips To Grow” for you, a list of what I’ve learned, experienced or enjoyed most in previous weeks.

What I’m writing / blog post of the week:

The first quarter of the year is already gone, how are you doing? Are you closer to your yearly goals? During my quarterly review, I see that I’m behind my schedule and should adjust some of my activities to get back on track. So, I decided to refresh my daily routines to speed up and will be focusing more again on technic called: SAVERS, a sequence that combines the six most effective personal development practices known to man. I have described more in detail this technic in my blog post “How 6 Minutes a Day Can Get You Closer to Your Dream Lifestyle

Read more here: How 6 Minutes a Day Can Get You Closer to Your Dream Lifestyle

What I’ve enjoyed watching:

This great video that is worth watching is about content marketing. Content promotion is the most important element of content marketing. In latest video by Sujan Patel, he discusses 7 things you can do today to promote your content in 2019.

The big themes are a) building relationships with your readers and with influencers in your space, and b) leaning on those relationships in conjunction with old fashioned keyword research to inform your content strategy and get your content in front of your audience.

More and more we are hearing about healthy living, healthy diet. In fact, some time ago also I decided to start a couple of experiments to find what is working and what is not. So, this week I enjoyed also the video made by BRIGHT SIDE: 11 Mistakes Everyone Make When Trying to Eat Healthily. Even the biggest health nuts are guilty of these 11 all-too-common dieting mistakes!

Book I’m reading:

Serve to Win: The 14-Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence

Novak Djokovic reveals the gluten-free diet and fitness plan that transformed his health and pushed him to the pinnacle.

How did a player once plagued by aches, breathing difficulties, and injuries on the court suddenly become the #1 ranked tennis player in the world? The answer is astonishing: He changed what he ate.

Djokovic has created a blueprint for remaking your body and your life in just fourteen days. With weekly menus, mindful eating tips for optimal digestion, and delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes, you’ll be well on your way to shedding extra weight and finding your way to a better you. Djokovic also offers tips for eliminating stress and simple exercises to get you revved up and moving, the very same ones he does before each match.

You don’t need to be a superstar athlete to start living and feeling better. With Serve to Win, a trimmer, stronger, healthier you is just two weeks away.

Worth reading:

How Mental Models Unlock Your Thinking — Mental models are vital to clear thinking. But which ones are the best? An All-Star team of mental models — the most useful in any situation.

The Simple Rules of Mr. Rogers — This is an excellent article about communicating with kids that offers much broader applicability. When trying to figure out what to say, it’s useful to consider how we will be understood. There is an amazing example of how one sentence was refined almost a dozen times so that it would be precisely understood by children. It really made me consider how much of my children’s lack of understanding in any given situation is a function of the words I choose

A powerful lesson from the 2nd richest man in America. We all have things we wish we had done differently in our life… Life isn’t about going from thing to thing. It’s about enjoyment, happiness, fulfillment, and love. And the fact is, we only have one body and one mind and we absolutely must make sure we take care of it.

What I’m thinking about:

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” – Jim Rohn

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