5 Tips To Grow #7

Weekly “5 Tips To Grow” #7 (16. Apr. 2017.)

Hello friends,

Here is your weekly “5 Tips To Grow” a list of what I’ve learned, experienced or enjoyed most this week.

What I’m reading:


I enjoy so much a book from a mentor and a world’s leading motivational speaker – Les Brown – A book called “12 Laws of Success”

I’m half way through but already so much inspiration, so much motivation and a new way to look at life and everything around me.

Here are all the 12 Laws Of Success To Help Discover the greatness within you:

  1. Listen to Your Heart
  2. Leverage Your Gifts And Talents
  3. Let Go Of Your F.E.A.R.
  4. Locate Your Team Members
  5. Lift Up Your Mind With Self Development
  6. Leave All Negativity And Toxins Behind
  7. Follow The Success Trails That Have Been Paved Before You
  8. Leap And Grow Your Wings On The Way Down
  9. Create Multiple Streams Of Income
  10. Light Up Each Room You Enter
  11. Lead By Serving The Needs Of Others
  12. Laugh Out Loud And Enjoy Every Moment

For over 41 years, Les Brown has been one of the top speakers in the world. Through his words and his coaching, he has helped change the lives of thousands of people all around the world. As a student of success, he has discovered 12 powerful secrets that allow anyone to create the life of their dreams.


Get your copy of that book here: http://leslaws.com/

What I’m listening / My favorite podcast:

I’m still with Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn. This time, I can suggest listening to an episode 98.
SPI 098: Millionaires and Mastermind Groups with Jaime Tardy

In this session, Pat bring Jaime Tardy on to talk about what she’s learned from conducting over 130 interviews with successful millionaires, including the success factors that are common between all of them.

Also, they are talking about the importance of mastermind groups and how to find or start one. How to find a mentor. You can read more about it also here: It is James guest blog post: Mastermind Groups and Mentors: Why You Need Them and How to Find Them

What I’m writing / blog post of the week:

My featured blog post this week – 10 Daily Habits to Learn to Reach Success

Have you asked yourself what does it take to become a highly successful person? A lot of people think that to become a highly successful person you should be very talented in any kind of niche. But not only talented can be highly successful, there are also a lot of people who have reached goals by hard work by doing certain things on daily basis by collecting small victories.

On my blog post 10 Daily Habits to Learn to Reach Success you will learn those daily activities that can lead you to become highly successful person.

productivityWhat I’m thinking / Quote that made me think:

“You gotta make it a priority to make your priorities a priority.” – Richie Norton

What I’m doing / Productivity tip of the week:

Get Things done means staying focused on the task at hand

So, here are some rules what I’m following:

  • Don’t multitask – finish one job at a time
  • Prepare your to-do list and prioritize
  • Set your phone to “do not disturb” to minimize distractions
  • Follow  the 2-minute rule – If it takes less than 2 minutes do it. If more, then schedule or delegate.

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Thanks for reading! Have a very successful next week!


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