5 Million Dollar Skills To Master: Lessons learned from Mike Sims

Owning a business and running it successfully is hard work. If you’ve just started your own business or have been running one for quite some time, you probably know by now that only with continuously learning, mastering new skills and hard work is possible to achieve big results. But what are those Million Dollar Skills To Master to get big results?

Recently had a chance to watch presentation made by million dollar earner Mike Sims and he had pointed out some of those Million Dollar Skills To Master. Now I wanted to share them also with you.

Before we start here is information about million dollar earner Mike Sims, if you haven’t heard about him:
mikesimsMike Sims is a Network Marketing Professional. More of Mike Sims you can have here:http://mikesimsworldwide.com/. Driven, dynamic, determined, and focused are just a few words many people have used to describe Mike Sims. Born and raised in Opelika, Alabama, Mike went on to attend and graduate from Sylacauga High School in Sylacauga, Alabama. He then attended Auburn University, majoring in Business and Finance. After college, Mike worked as a top financial planner at a notable financial firm. At the young age of 22, after experiencing restrictions and financial restraints imposed by traditional jobs in corporate America, Mike decided to embark on a journey as an entrepreneur in the profession of network marketing. In the last 12 years, he has achieved some of the highest accolades, awards, titles and ranks while helping two network marketing companies achieve revenues in excess of $500 million. Further, he has led these companies through start-up, survival, turnaround and growth modes. His understanding of both domestic and international distribution channels encompasses retail and wholesale sales. Mike has earned millions in personal commissions; but more importantly, he has helped others do the same thing.

Now let’s get to learn some new skills.
We have to go to work! One thing that turns out is that some people are not working hard enough. A lot of people learns a lot, listen to seminars, attend live events but after that go home a do absolutely nothing. But first of all, most important in learning is to implement and to use all new skills in your organization, your business.

“If you are ready to change your life, you should learn and implement all skills.”-Mike Sims

Million Dollar Skills To Master

1. Time Management

A lot of people in business don’t realize that they do business in the wrong way. They spend a lot of time and are doing a lot of things that are not producing results. It is important to do self-analysis, what are the most important things to do as an organization to generate the most results. There is a huge difference between being busy and being productive.

So, 78% of your time should be picking the interests of your prospect that is a majority of our time that should be spent putting information in front of people. Then people have an opportunity to say yes or no to your business opportunity. The question is if we do not do these things what are we doing in our organization? We’re wasting our time in aimless activities. Then 15% of our time should be spent doing personal development. Personal development is the foundation of network marketing.

“If you don’t do personal development, I encourage you to find something else to do, because Network Marketing is probably not for you” – Mike Sims.

Remember – only 15% should be spent on personal development, not 70%. Our goal is no to become a network marketing professor. Make sure when you do personal development, you do pick interests and teaching others how to do it. A good example could be if you use 30-60 minutes in the morning on personal development and the same amount of time at evening before to go to bed, but rest of the day you spend on picking interests and teaching others how to do it. Next, 7% of your time should be spent on paperwork and back office stuff and 0% of time should be spent on negativity. “Toxic” negativity can destroy you and can destroy your business. If there is any person in your organization that is a highly negative person, best is to do, as it called, isolate that individual. Usually, in business, we try to help everybody and try to solve another person’s problems, but those persons usually have plenty of problems. Once you fix one, guess what they have – another problem. So, don’t spend the time to solve someone else’s issues that are toxic negative people. That can affect your business.

Spending time on mastering our time is very key to get big results for yourself and your team.

  • 78% putting info in front of people
  • 15% personal development
  • 7% paperwork and back office.
  • 0% spent on negativity

2. Mastering Creating Momentum

This is key – Success of your organization is only up to you. You have to be the Leader, the Example for your organization than others will follow you. Force momentum but not force people, you cannot force people to do anything. If they don’t want to do it they do not do it anyway. How do we force momentum? Fill your funnel with prospects and effectively follow through. Then do in-home meetings and build big team events, but the key is to teach your team how to do all those activities. Create groups of people and encourage them to teach those steps 1-4 to other people to be successful in their organizations.

  • Mastering momentum solves 80% of issues in your organization.
  • Force momentum:
    – Fill your funnel with prospects
    – Effective follow THROUGH
    – Set a Home Business Launch Day
    – Build for Big Team Events
    – Teach your team to do 1-4
  • Hold Core Group Responsible for 1-5

3 Mastering the Pain of sacrifice!

The Law of Sacrifice sounds: To attain something of greater value, one must be willing to give up something of lesser value.

“Getting into something requires getting out of something!”- Mike Sims

Set aside all other activities that are not helping you to get results. Those things can wait until you’ll get results. You should sacrifice things to get long term goals. Sacrifice is necessary. Sometimes it can put you in pain, but when pain is gone you can have relief or fulfillment. Mike Sims encourages you to go for fulfillment, not relief. So, to master sacrifice skill is also crucial.

4. Master Dealing With Distractions!

Distractions are the Destruction of your Dream in Slow Motion. There are a lot of things and people around that slowly are knocking us of course.

All of us have been somewhere we know we not supposed to be, but how we got there? By following instructions.

So, Make sure you master dealing with distractions.


“Distraction has only one purpose: to distract you from your purpose!” – Mike Sims

5. Master Doing self-analysis

There are four types of distributors out there.

1. Cop Out – there are individuals and groups who:

  • Don’t make personal commitments that they should make, they make excuses
  • Think The Answer is Quitting, are running away from the pain or running away from an activity
  • They coping out of everything that tends to be successful

2. Hold Out – most popular distributor category in all network marketing. There are people who:

  • comes to events, takes all the notes,
  • they are team players, do exercises; they got all tools, products.
  • but then they go home and do nothing. They holding out, something holding them back.

Ask question to yourself, is that you? The best way to get out of stands is to understand that your goals are not holding out, your goals are not waiting while you decide to take action. (Bills keep coming in, kids grow up, parents getting older, and so on..)

3. Drop out – these are people who cannot achieve anything

  • they drop out of the activity and won’t be in the business long
  • There is no cure for laziness
  • They cannot grow personally enough to be able to attract people.

4. All out – people who are committed to Massive Action

The Big checks, the lifestyle, everything that has to deal with what you looking for is reserved for people who decided for one simple thing – go All Out. When you decide to go all out, everything will change for you!

When you decide to not getting destructed, when you decide to keep going when someone else quit, when you decide to talk to someone, who does not feel like it, when you decide to make it happen, when other people don’t see the vision, when you decide to keep going even other people keep talking behind your back, when you decide to make it happen, when you decide to get ALL OUT, everything will happen for you.


So, if you are committed to going all out if you are committed to do what it takes to be successful if you are committed to teach other people to do the same thing, let’s work together

Do the right things and you and your business are sure to succeed!


What if there was another option than working 40 hours a week for 40 years? Would you be interested?

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