Be you, be the best version of you – some tips by Sarah and Tony Zolecki

Today I wanted to share some great tips presented by Network Marketing superstar couple Tony & Sarah Zolecki who joined Network Marketing Pro daily show.

First, Sarah Zolecki ( accented the importance of being authentic.

Be you, be the best version of you!

A lot of people as they grow their businesses really struggle by being themselves. There are learning programmes to learn, skills to improve, events to attend, but usually, something is missing. Once Sara realized “I could be me and people like me for being me” her business exploded. By being yourself you can remove barriers, save time by copying others and finally you can feel closer to your team.

Manage your expectations

Tony Zolecki talks about the importance of managing expectations. It is so important when you start in any business that you have normal expectations. Network Marketing is not a lottery ticket, you will not be a superstar on a first day, first week, first month, even in the first year. It takes a time to learn new skills, to grow your business, to learn how to lead people. It is a process, success does not happen overnight, but if you keep learning, keep growing, keep putting time into your business if you stay consistent – success will come!

Tony & Sarah Zolecki bring to the table a winning combination; a powerhouse husband & wife partnership and a contagious passion for people!

As a former Corporate Recruiter & Car Finance/Salesman, they channeled their drive & success strategies straight to the top. Together their career in Network Marketing expands over twenty years.

Their raw and authentic style of teaching will inspire you to take the steps to live out your dream!
People love the transparency of this couple as they teach the fundamentals of this amazing profession.

From my experience, I see that it is challenging to find yourself and it may be even it continues the job. At least, I still feel I’m not 100% authentic and there is room for improvement. As Tony teaches, you should be patient, stay focused and consistent and it will come.

By sharing Sarah and Tony Zolecki tips I wanted you to think about the best version of yourself, share in comments below, how you see yourself or how you found or developed yourself.


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