10 step plan to prepare yourself for your next challenge.

Fitness challenge, nutrition challenge, 30-day challenge, a 90-day challenge so much of these today are out there. But have you noticed how many people start them but never finish? How to prepare yourself best for your next challenge and ensure you are around at the end of the challenge?

Whether you are building a business and want to reach new levels, new goals, working on the next marketing campaign to reach a greater audience, or joined fitness or nutrition program in all cases best results can be achieved by participating in challenges. We heard – success loves speed, focus, and consistency. But, life circumstances and the situation usually come in the way and the majority of people do not finish challenges they have started

Further, I will break down 10 step plan to prepare yourself for your next challenge I learned from Eric Worre a GoPro man in Network Marketing as well as principles used in different fitness programs used to get results.

10 step plan to prepare yourself for your next challenge.

1. Commitment

Number one thing to do – commit to yourself you will do what it takes to go for it! Make a decision. Decide you will do a challenge 100%. Sounds easy, but this is the most important step and is the number one reason why people do not finish. It happened also for me a couple of times and in the end, I had to admit I was not committed 100% at the beginning.

There a simple trick to help with your decision – Make it publicly. Go into social media make an announcement, create a post, go live, and talk about what is that you will do next 20, 30, or 90 days. Laughter you do that, the better outcome you will get. This way first you will increase your commitment level (others will be watching!), secondly, you will get new reasons to keep going (Supporters and haters).

2. Sacrifice

Next period, 20, 30, or 90 days depending on how long your challenge is planned, will be a hard time for you. So, ask yourself what is that I am willing to give up during that time. Maybe it is some TV-time, some Scroll-time in Social Media, maybe some go out, partying, restaurants, etc. Think about that and write down – for the next period (your number) days what is that I will give up, just for that period not for a lifetime.

3. Negotiate

Before you start a challenge go and talk to your family, business partners, friends that next period you will be focusing on something very important for you. Ask for support and even ask others to push you if they notice you stuck. If you have kids ask them to be in the team, share a plan with them. Find the way they can be part of the journey and also interested in you reaching a goal. For example, they will also have a reward if you succeed.

4. Find a partner

If you think you can do it alone you are wrong. Especially in fitness programs it best work when you have an accountability partner. Same in any other challenges 1-2 accountability partners will push each other. Even find creative ways to add a game element to your challenge. Go for the small weekly award, who gets more points, reached the first milestone first, etc.

5. Make a plan

Determine the time you are willing to invest in the challenge. Set how many hours it will take and mark out your calendar. The calendar will be your boss for the next period. I have tested it by myself again and again if the activity is not in the calendar it will not be done. So, put your calendar on the pedestal and honor and follow it.

6. Clear the decks.

There will be distractions during the way, that’s a fact. But before you start your challenge try to think ahead and eliminate all destruction you can think about. If you have a full-time job – maybe there is a time for some vacation days/weeks or you can negotiate that during this time you will get less important tasks. If you have a team – tell them that you will not be available at the same level as before. This is so interesting, your team members similar to kids as soon you will start a challenge will require your attention, so warn them ahead your challenge. The same with your kids and all activities they have – already mentioned in the previous section, make them part of your journey and create a plan of how you will deal will all activities they have.

7. Tools

Check before all tools you would need during the challenge. Make sure everything are in place in case you need – learning materials, brochures, extra products, books, equipment, etc

8. Pick the start date

If this is a public challenge you probably have a start date, but if not carefully pick a date. Make a banner with that date and put in on the wall, so you mentally prepare for that date every day.

9. Imagine the goal

Set your mind for success, take some time in a quiet place, and imagine you already have done your challenge. You have reached your desired goal. How do you feel about it? Do your friends, your company, your family noticed that, and what are their reactions? If your goal was a new income level – how much money you earned? If you are building a team – how big is your team? What kind of people has joined your team?
Try to imagine an outcome as detailed you can.

10. Decide you can do it

Another reason a lot of people quit too soon is self-doubt. Fight that. Tell your self you deserve that, you are worthy, you are good enough and you can do it. This is your challenge and you will make it!


In the end, I want you to know that I believe in you and I know you will have a big success in your next challenge. Take these 10 steps and go for it. You are worthy and you can do it!

Time to time I and my team are going through challenges we prepare for ourselves. So, if you want to get more information on what is that we are doing and how you can participate in our challenges you are invited to a free webinar, just click here or on webinar banner below and follow instructions.

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