How You Can Be More Productive in Network Marketing

Ever feel overwhelmed in this digital world we have? Have you struggled and wondered how to increase your productivity? Are you desperately trying to build your home-based business but you are inundated with so many marketing emails, webinars, e-books, software, secrets, or blogs that you just feel overwhelmed and not sure where to actually spend your time?

When I started my career in Network Marketing first half a year I really could not find the right way to get my productivity to a decent level. I was always busy, I had no time but productivity was so low. No wonder, look at all those new things that come in: WordPress, landing pages, sales copy, leadership, split testing, creating videos, article spinning-submitting-writing, outsourcing, prospecting, recruiting, duplicating, taxes, write-offs, testimonials, ebooks, webinars, live events, audiobooks, Google+, Facebook, twitter, linked in, branding, syndication, backlinks, bookmarks, autoresponders, opt-ins, paid leads, offline marketing, and finally SEO, PPC, L.M.N.O.P.! And there are more.. and you are wondering why a lot of people quit. It’s just not possible to learn and stay up to date with all those different marketing tactics, methods, and strategies without losing your mind and being overwhelmed.

One day I said to my self I have to change something to get my productivity up again. According to Jim Rohn’s quote: “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” (More quotes by Jim Rohn you can find here). First I changed my morning rituals instead of sleeping till 3rd snooze signal I started to work on this: How 6 Minutes a Day Can Get You Closer to Your Dream Lifestyle than I found excellent tip by Ray Higdon ( “The most important thing that will keep you productive no matter what stimulus or snazzy email you receive each day is to have a rock-solid daily routine”.

He is talking about setting the highest priority for your daily routine. Most people (including me) do all possible things day offered, do their normal day and then try to find time for an income-producing activity or so-called daily routine. It needs to be the other way around. Your day is going to happen anyway. If you don’t check Facebook for 2 hours while you complete your daily routine, your bank account will love you. Have your routine be the most important thing you do each day and the rest of your day fall around it. That way if someone distracted you with anything, you can spend time with those things and not worry about it as you already completed your routine!

There are 5 steps to incorporate into your daily routine how you can be more productive in network marketing.

  • 1. Do something to help your mindset every single day. I started to collect a digital library and every single day I find 20-30 minute of time listening to something from my library on leadership, mindset, etc.
  • 2. Have a daily goal of how many people you are going to connect with. This means reaching out, not waiting for a lead to show up.
  • 3. If you are an online network marketer, create at least one piece of content every single day. At the beginning it is hard, but as part of your daily routine, it comes easier
  • 4. Spend 20-60 minutes working on your marketing knowledge.
  • 5. Read at least 3 of your favorite blog posts, your notes or review your goals.

The time you spend on those activities can vary,  this all depends on your schedule.  But just think about this, if you did this:

  • Connected with 10 people
  • Wrote an article or blog
  • Listened to 30 mins of powerful mindset training
  • Studied specific marketing training for 30 mins
  • Read three empowering blog posts for your niche

and THEN you went through your emails and perhaps got distracted, would that be OK? Of course, it would. Make the rest of your life fit around your daily routine, not the other way around and you are well on your way to success in whatever industry as well as not being so bothered by being “overwhelmed”.
So, as it turns out the solution is easy again – The key is one word: 


Your daily routine will crush any overwhelm and can make or break all of your results.

What is your daily routine to success? Please share and let’s discuss in comments below


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