Gloria Mayfield Banks on Success in Network Marketing

Million dollars a year earner and Network Marketing superstar Gloria Mayfield Banks joined Network Marketing Pro daily show to offer some wisdom.

Gloria Mayfield Banks ( has consistently beaten the odds to achieve phenomenal success in her life and business. She defied dyslexia to earn a college degree and a Harvard MBA, left an abusive marriage and a corporate career at IBM 20 years ago to sell lipstick – quickly ascending to Elite Executive National Sales Director with Mary Kay, Inc. Today, Gloria earns millions in a worldwide networking sales business and travels the globe from her Baltimore home to speak with audiences seeking her People Building advice on how to create a better life for themselves.

Gloria’s success is all the more phenomenal considering that she has Dyslexia, a learning disability. She has demonstrated by her own example, determination and hard work, that any goal can be achieved. Gloria began her professional career in the computer industry, as a sales representative for IBM and later joined Stratus Computers as a manufacturing marketing manager. She went on to become Assistant Director for Admissions at the Harvard University School of Business where she traveled nationally and internationally to recruit students. Faced with a difficult divorce, Ms. Banks began selling Mary Kay products to supplement her income. Within a year, she set the company sales records and within a few years, her business had grown to over $24 million in retail sales with a sales group of over 6,000 consultants. Over her career with Mary Kay, Inc., Gloria has earned several cars, numerous trips and jewelry; and has broken company sales records. She is among the top 10 in sales in the United States and the number one African-American Sales Director in the world.

In today’s show Gloria shares a couple of tips that can help to build Network Marketing business. 

Every newbie in this industry comes in with no clue what to do and how to achieve something, so first advice from Gloria is:

Listen to your Mentor!

Always take advice from people you are willing to exchange places with. Do not listen to people you not willing to exchange places with.

Work the Numbers

Work the Numbers! – Don’t care whether people say yes or no, just care how many people you ask. When you ask you get answers and when you work with answers you get results. Don’t waste your time by celebrating each yes or being discouraged by no. Work for numbers!

Focus on small successes

Very important in this industry is how to build your belief. People around you keep saying: “If you believe in it, you can achieve it.” But how to get to that point? Gloria’s advice is to focus on small successes. Focus on what I can accomplish right now. Because a good week after week turns into a good month. Good month after month turns into a phenomenal year. Build your belief one step at the time. You will be surprised how quickly you claim the letter of success.


If you agree with million dollar earner Gloria Mayfield Banks than it is time to go for small success.


What if there was another option than working 40 hours a week for 40 years? Would you be interested?

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