A Better Way “From Fired To Freedom” – The story of Blake & Angie Warrington

If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards. – Paul Bryant

Today I wanted to share this inspirational video published by Eric Worre. Eric Worre on his Network Marketing Pro show does video series called – “Better way”. You can find more of them on his youtube channel.

The story of Blake & Angie Warrington to become Network Marketing Professionals.

They both are parents of two great children who grew up with a very busy mom and dad. Blake is a retired firefighter (left just before 20 years) from California now living in Star, Idaho. They moved to Idaho where Blake took a job as the Director of Global Marketing for a Network Marketing nutritional company. That was in August of 2004. On August of 2006, He had taken company sales from about 40 to 50 new Distributors a day joining the company, to just over 500 (504 to be exact) joining every day. While he thought this was a great accomplishment considering he had ZERO budget, the companies new owners decided to fire him for all his hard work! He guesses it was because he had negotiated a performance bonus because they could not pay him what he wanted in the beginning. Let’s just say that with 500 new Distributors coming on board every day his bonuses were very nice. Regardless, they decided to fire him and replace him with two other individuals.

After he was fired in August of 2006 he was in a bit of a pickle as he could not go back to the fire service at 47 years of age and his corporate background and education in a declining job market were not the best. So, He did the only thing he could. He went out and started searching for a good network marketing company to join. After a bit of due diligence Blake and Angie settled on a company called Million Dollar Body – now called Team Beachbody. The company soft-launched in April of 2007. By August of 2007, they had first 5 figure month. In August of 2008, they had their first five figure week! The best thing that every happened to them.

Today they top priority is helping others get results – both physically and financially.

As Blake sad in the video: at the end of the day – don’t quit, don’t quit on yourself, on your family, on your dreams. Stay committed and it will pay off.

Learn more about Blake & Angie Warrington here: http://committostayfit.com/

What an inspiring story! 

I love those success stories so much, it helps me to build my dreams. In my jorney  I already had a lot of ups and downs. I changed a lot of my daily routines, for example, what I was sharing in this post: How 6 Minutes a Day Can Get You Closer to Your Dream Lifestyle or How You Can Be More Productive in Network Marketing. But most important was to go back to basics and start to learn again, to invest in my own education, my own personal development.

A day without learning is like a day without breathing. – Robin Sharma 

Now my mission is to help other young entrepreneurs to discover the true purpose of life and establish own Better way success story.

If this story inspired you and you want to learn more what I do and you are ready to invest some time in your own development and health, I invite you to check out a free video below. Just enter your name and best email and hit Start learning


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