5 Tips To Grow #32

Here are my “5 Tips To Grow” for you, a list of what I’ve learned, experienced or enjoyed most in previous weeks.

What I’m writing:

One day friend of mine asked about my journey to financial freedom and what exactly I do and what would be the best and easiest ways to create some passive income. It inspired me to create a blog post 8 Ways To Earn Passive Income And Get Financially Free where I refer to one of my virtual mentors T.Harv Eker and his list. The nice infographic represents 8 simple ways that prove passive income opportunities are staring you in the face every day.

Read the post here: 8 Ways To Earn Passive Income And Get Financially Free

The past three episodes of Tips To Grow: 3130, and 29

What I’m reading:

When we are in the goal-setting time it is important to understand what are our priorities. So often we stuck in daily urgencies and cannot figure out how to do all that we have on a schedule. It brings a lot of struggle, procrastination, and stress.

“First Things First” can help you understand why so often our first things aren’t first. Rather than offering you another clock, “First Things First” provides you with a compass, because where you’re headed is more important than how fast you’re going.

Get it on Amazon: First Things First

My Favorite podcast episode:

As a parent myself I found this podcast very interesting. Pat Flynn talked with Steve Chou about their kids and their journeys in entrepreneurship. Steve and Pat Flynn have come together because our kids are both entrepreneurs. They talk about how their kids got started in entrepreneurship, how much influence they have (or don’t have) on their projects, how they deal with other issues of safety and social media and dealing with haters, and more.

Worth reading/watching:

What I’m thinking about:

“Financial freedom is not a certain amount of money sitting in your bank account – it is when your passive income (earnings made by doing essentially no work) exceeds your expenses.” – Austin Netzley


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