8 Ways To Earn Passive Income And Get Financially Free

“Financial freedom is not a certain amount of money sitting in your bank account—it is when your passive income (earnings made by doing essentially no work) exceeds your expenses.” – Austin Netzley

Well said, but when it comes to earning passive income where do you even start? In one of my previous blogpost Best Residual Income Ideas – Tips on How to Immediately Earn Huge Amount of Money I already described several ways, you can start and build your financial freedom. Here’s the good news: Passive income opportunities are staring you in the face every day!

This time I found a great post from one of my virtual mentors T.Harv Eker.  In his blog, he wrote about 8 of those passive income opportunities. Below you will find an infographic from his post that pretty much sums it all up.

Which ones are right for you?

For me as a musician obvious was #6 and I still earn from my music and lyrics even those were produced more than 10 yrs ago. #4 also is working form me very well, I have a number of companies I’m an affiliate with. For this, you probably should have your own blog, like your home on the internet, where to invite people.

Of course, #8 or Network Marketing is also a big one. But this one works only if you are willing to not focus on money but on the purpose of helping a lot of people. If you like to help people I’m inviting you to join a free webinar and learn how to make money and help a lot of people.

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