5 Tips To Grow #25

Here are my “5 Tips To Grow” for you, a list of what I’ve learned, experienced or enjoyed most in previous weeks.

What I’m writing / blog post of the week:

When it comes to building an additional residual income stream one of the options is to become a distributor in a network marketing company. Yes, there are a lot of skepticisms and critics, but as I see it is always related to lack of education and not properly set expectations. So, it is very important to learn from the best and continue to master your skills the same as you should do in any other industry to be successful.

In my latest blog post, I have collected 33 best books to study for success in network marketing. Some of them I’ve already in my library and is helping me in my business, some are on my wishlist for future reading. Some of these books are specific to the network marketing and direct selling industry, while others deal more broadly with entrepreneurship or self-improvement.

Read here: 33 best books to study for success in network marketing

Test worth taking:

What is your B.A.N.K Code? Get your personality report.

Your B.A.N.K.TM Code Personality Report will help you understand yourself better, and influence your relationships personally and professionally. Find out how the B.A.N.K. types – Blueprint, Action, Nurturing and Knowledge – can predict your behavior towards others and significantly increase your revenue and impact your relationships.

Crack your code here: https://www.crackmycode.com

My Favorite podcast episode:

This time I’m back with Productivity Straight Talk and Amber de la Garza and an episode 114 – what you need to know when you hire a virtual assistant.

Amber’s guest was Mary Baird-Wilcock who runs a team of virtual assistants from three countries as a division of her event management business. They discussed best practices for finding and hiring reliable and competent virtual assistants who will help up-level your business.

Worth reading/watching:

A Virgin’s guide to delegation – Richard Branson’s five-step delegation guide that he has followed over the years.

Closing A Sale With These Three Hot Tips – Getting eyes on your products and services but can’t seem to close? Here are three hot tips you need to know when closing a sale.

The Power of One Push-Up — “… push-ups and the like tend to encourage people to be conscious of what the body can achieve, not body image itself. Conscientiousness … means seeing a connection between how you live and what happens later, and behaving accordingly.”

What I’m thinking about:

There is somebody somewhere out there in the world who’s a virtual assistant who can do it faster, cheaper, and I dare say better than you, so delegate the tasks that drain you. ~ Mary Baird-Wilcock

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