5 Tips To Grow #15

Here are my “5 Tips To Grow” for you, a list of what I’ve learned, experienced or enjoyed most in previous weeks.

What I’m writing / blog post of the week:

This week in my experiment list is Instagram and usage of hashtags. As social media become more and more important for successful business we should be aware of how to use it properly and in the most effective way. In my blog post, I compiled 9 tips on how to use hashtags effectively for your business.

Read it here: How to use hashtags effectively for your business

What I’ve enjoyed watching:

Larry King (TV & Radio Host) joins Dave Rubin at The Rubin Report to discuss his legendary career as an interviewer, his interviewing style and how it’s influenced Dave’s own style, his views on the state of the world, his friendship with Donald Trump, his thoughts on life and death, and more.

What I’m reading:

71 things I learned from starting, scaling, selling and even failing in business by Alain Blais CEO of Les Brown Global. Alain Blais shares his lessons learned throughout his various businesses and jobs. Good reading.

Read it here: 71 things I learned from starting, scaling, selling and even failing in business

What I’m listening:

Every year in our country we choose a song that will be represented in Eurovision the biggest song contest in Europe. Enjoy the song we chose this year: Carousel – “That Night”

What I’m thinking about:

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. – Omar Khayyam

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Thanks for reading!

Have a very successful next week!


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