Evidence-Based Nutrition and Our Immune system: Separating fact from fiction

If you want to be a good leader one of the “things” you have to take care of is your health. An only a healthy leader can make an impact big enough. Nowadays when everybody is talking about health it is so hard to navigate through and find a source you can trust. Recently I got a chance to be introduced to a scientist from UK Dr. Colin Robertson and I should say the way he is presenting his findings was so impressive that I decided to share one of his webinar recordings here in my post.

Dr. Colin Robertson has spent his entire career working in both clinical and high-performance sports environments.

Dr. Col’s driving philosophy is that: “Health, wellness, and fitness are the building blocks of a life worth living, and that everyone – regardless of their personal circumstances – has the right to receive the absolute best levels of support and guidance when it comes to making positive lifestyle changes.”

Over the past twenty years, Dr. Col has traveled the globe to speak at an extensive number of international conferences, including TEDx, on issues and topics ranging from nutrition, chronobiology, athlete preparation, and the changing state of health in Western Industrialized Nations. From clinical rehabilitation, right up to elite sports performance, Dr. Col has worked with an extremely broad range of athletes and individuals and his particular areas of interest are the impact of Exercise and Nutrition on Health and the phenomena of fatigue.

So, free an hour of your time and watch this webinar recording – it will be worth every minute.

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