Lessons learned how to succeed in Network Marketing

When you go into Network Marketing there are a lot of things you need to learn, a lot of things you don’t understand and a lot of people all around who has very different experiences.. and it is only up to you what you can take out of each lesson.

Recently I have found this man Erick Worre and his brilliant work as a Network Marketing expert. First followed him on facebook, twitter and his teams website http://networkmarketingpro.com/, watching everyday tips and decided to Go Pro.

Here are some valuable tips from Eric Worre that helps to understand first steps in Network Marketing:

  • 1. Success or Failure is up to you!
    Success is up to you. If you succeed in this business, it will be because you made a decision to make something happen. Failure is up to you. It’s not up to anyone else – it’s up to you. You alone will decide whether you succeed or fail. Your sponsor is simply your connection to the company. The truth is, that most of the top earners in network marketing didn’t have a very good upline. If you have an upline that does everything for you, then you don’t have to become much. Use your sponsor as a resource, but not as an excuse. Decide to become independent as quick as you can.
  • 2. Network marketing is a very emotional business.
    There will be ups and downs. Life will distract you, and throw things in your way to try to get you back into that daily grind.
    You’ll face rejection from ignorant people. Most people are completely ignorant of networking marketing. They think they get it, but they don’t. They mostly have a misconception of network marketing. They think everyone at the top makes most of the money, that you have to alienate your family and friends and that you have to push inferior products. None of this is true.

    Face your fears – of inadequacy, of rejection, of the unknown. Once you have a strong understanding and skills, the fear dissipates. It’s like flipping on a light switch!When you master the skills, your fear will disappear.

  • 3. Commit yourself to doing this right.
    Your story of how you get involved is really important. Are you just trying it, or are you really serious? You’re going to be telling the story of how you got started for the rest of your career. When people ask you how you started, will you be able to tell them you got started at the highest possible level?
    Make sure you have the highest package possible. Check your auto ship. If it needs to be upgraded to the higher level, do it. When you present your opportunity, explain the benefits and importance of being on the high-level package.
  • 4. Introduce yourself to everyone.
    Build a community, make friends and connections. These friends and connections are not tied to you financially, as your upline is. They will be tremendously helpful to you as you build your business.
    Proclaim yourself. Go tell the world that you’re part of the company
    and you’re going to the top. It makes it a little more embarrassing for you to walk away. It’s really important.
  • 5. It will be important for you to get your product story fast.
    The more you tell your story, the more quickly your business will succeed.
    Write down your product story. How did you benefit from it personally? Maybe some of your family members got great results. What did it do for your business? Make your story short, no more than 2 minutes. People respond much better to a story with your personal results rather than plain data about your product.
  • 6. To have more you have to become more. 
    Work on yourself harder than you work on your business. You are the only barrier to higher income. If you want to do more, you need to become more.
    Master the skills. They’re not hard. You have to work at them, but they’re learnable.
  • 7. Focus & Consistency.
    Network Marketing is filled with distractions. Put the blinders on and commit. Take things one year at a time, not a day at a time. Commit to the next 12 months and make it happen. Evaluate. Commit to another 12 months. Evaluate. Make it happen. Stay on track. Focus where you are. Follow the people in your company who are having the biggest success. Do what they do. Look at what’s working and commit to getting better in that process.
  • 8. Commit now to attending all major company events. Make that commitment. It will change everything.

These are first notes what I got from Network Marketing Pro courses, there gone be more for sure.

What do you think which are most valuable steps to succeed in Network Marketing? Share your thoughts in comments bellow.


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